The High-Performance Team and Leadership Development Certificate is designed to provide tangible leadership skills for achieving strong levels of team performance and greater team member satisfaction. The goal in this leadership development learning track is to help participants develop increased awareness of team dynamics as well as the practical skills for maximizing team performance. Courses in this certificate assist participants in planning specific improvements in the way the team operates. 

  • Identifying new solutions to enhance team effectiveness and cohesion
  • Building team buy-in and shared commitment to team objectives
  • Gaining insight on how individual actions and behaviors either add to or detract from the team
  • Understanding the role and value of team leadership in achieving results
  • Building effective interpersonal communication in relationships between team members
  • Identifying and leveraging talents within the team
  • Handling conflict between team members and differences in perspective, opinion, and values High-Performing Teams produce bottom line results, as well as adaptability, quality, service, and safety.

To achieve these objectives, teams have to start doing things differently. 

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