Become a Partner

The Workforce Center has developed corporate partnerships for the benefits of professional and academic training.

Partnership Benefits

With world class instructors and a virtual classroom the Workforce Center is positioned to discuss a wide variety of partnership opportunities.

We offer a 15% discount to all corporate partnerships.

The Workforce Center offers you a 15% discount on almost all classes, some exclusions do apply, so that you know you are getting the best deal in town. This allows you to stretch your training dollars further and make sure your employees are properly trained.   

Professional Training

We have the ability to customize your professional training and make sure you get what you need to succeed in your career. Our Professional Training provides individuals and organizations the opportunity to experience continuing education offered by the Workforce Center and our industry experts.

Online Training and Mobile Classroom

Our Online Training experience is one of the best in the industry and we have recently kicked it up a notch by adding the ability to bring our classroom to you with our Mobile Classroom.