Programming in C# and .NET

C# is the leading object-oriented language used in the development of Microsoft .NET applications for the enterprise. This hands-on workshop provides software developers with a working knowledge of the C# programming language and object-oriented programming concepts. Topics include the .NET Framework, using Visual Studio.NET, the C# language and syntax, basic File I/O, ADO.NET concepts, Windows Forms and enhancing the Windows Forms user interface, and debugging and deploying C# applications. Object-oriented topics include Object-Oriented Design and Programming for C#, indexes, events, inheritance, class libraries, basic File I/O, ADO.NET concepts, and enhancing the Windows Forms user interface.

ASP.NET Core MVC Using C#

In this course, students learn how to develop ASP.NET Core MVC apps using the latest in .Net database-driven web programming. ASP.NET MVC provides a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that allow for separation of concerns in the architecture, complete control over markup, and testability of the applications. Topics include an introduction to ASP.NET MVC, the Model-View-Controller pattern, the differences between MVC and Webforms applications, endpoint routing, Razor views, model binding, data validation, dependency injection, Bootstrap for responsive design, EF (Entity Framework) Core for database handling, xUnit and Moq for unit testing, and Identity for authentication.

If you are interested in enrolling in the entire certificate, visit this page: NET.PRO: Programming with .NET Certificate

Hours and CEUs

48 Hours | 4.8 CEU

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48 Hour(s)

Students can either enroll in the entire certificate by selecting NET.PRO: Programming with .NET Certificate or they can enroll separately in NET500 and NET550.
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