The Microsoft Excel Professional Certificate takes students from the Beginner to the Expert level.  It includes core excel skills which allow you to analyze business problems and make quick and accurate decisions, build sophisticated spreadsheets, perform "what-if" analyses, build and apply functions, manipulate PivotTables and record macros.  This certification shows you have the demonstrated ability to simplify complex task, develop sophisticated formulas, mine large amounts of sophisticated data and automate routine tasks. 

Excel 2019 Level 1

Microsoft Excel is the leading spreadsheet program in the world. It is commonly used for both numerical and data analysis including calculations, graphs, statistical and database analysis. Excel 2019 Level 1 courseware provides the basic concepts and skills students need to start being productive with Microsoft Excel 2019: how to create, save, share, and print worksheets that contain various kinds of calculations and formatting. 

Excel 2019 Level 2

Excel 2019 Level 2 builds on the basic concepts and skills of our Level 1 course to provide more advanced tools for analysis and presentation of complex, realistic data in Microsoft Excel 2019: how to manage complex workbooks, build more complex functions, use data analysis tools, make an impact with powerful chart and presentation features, and collaborate with other users.

Excel 2019 Level 3

Excel 2019 Level 3 builds on the concepts and skills of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses to provide advanced tools for solving real-world problems in Microsoft Excel 2019: lookup and decision-making functions, auditing and error-handling, array functions, date and text functions, importing and exporting, what-if-analysis, and macros. Students will benefit most from this course if they want to use Excel 2019 to perform real-world tasks such as handling and getting information from large amounts of data from sources inside out and outside of Excel, creating output that varies according to conditions, manipulating dates and text, and automating repetitive tasks.

VBA with Microsoft Excel

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) enables you to enhance and extend the capabilities of Microsoft® Excel® and other applications in the Microsoft® Office application suite. You can use VBA to perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do using only worksheet functions, and you can automate a wide range of tasks so they can be performed faster, more consistently, and with less effort than performing them manually. This course will give you a good foundation for understanding, creating, and using VBA in your own Excel workbooks. You will learn how to use the macro recorder effectively, as well as how to write your own VBA code from scratch. You will use tools built into Excel to explore and learn VBA's capabilities and to optimize and debug your code.

If you are interested in enrolling in the entire certificate, visit this page: EXCEL.PRO: Microsoft Excel Professional Certificate

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Students can either enroll in the entire certificate by selecting EXCEL.PRO: Microsoft Excel Professional Certificate or they can enroll separately in MSO060, MSO070, MSO080, MSO090. 
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