The Expert in Microsoft Excel Certificate takes students from the Beginner to the Expert level.  It includes core excel skills which allow you to analyze business problems and make quick and accurate decisions, build sophisticated spreadsheets, perform "what-if" analyses, build and apply functions and manipulate PivotTables.  This certification shows you have the demonstrated ability to simplify complex task, develop sophisticated formulas and mine large amounts of sophisticated data.  In the Excel Expert Certificate students learn to provide business intelligence by creating and using Excel Dashboards and Excel’s robust Power BI tools. 

Microsoft Excel Certificate:
MSO060: Excel I: Formatting, Functions and Formulas
MSO070: Excel II: Advanced Formulas/Functions, Charts/Scenarios, Importing/Exporting Data
MSO080: Excel III: Database Operations, Filters, Subtotals and Macros
MSO090: Excel Programming with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Microsoft Excel Expert Certificate:
MSO100: Excel Dashboards Workshop
MSO120: Excel Data Analytics with Power BI/PowerPivot
*** Prerequisites for Excel Expert: Microsoft Excel Certificate or equivalent experience ***

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Minimum Required

2 Course(s)

Prerequisites: Microsoft Excel Certificate or equivalent experience