Data and big data analytics are becoming one of the keys to success for businesses. Data scientists and data analysts as well as engineers and developers with the skills to work with big data technologies are sought after and well-compensated. In order to get an edge in your job start learning about big data.  This certificate is made up of three Big Data and Analytics classes, BID500 - Big Data/NoSQL Database Essentials, BID550 - Essentials for Apache Hadoop, and BID900- Data Analyst Training: Using Pig and Hive.

Relational and traditional databases are unable to keep up with the demand for Big Data. Given this demand, a new set of technologies have emerged and been termed Big Data or NoSQL (meaning Not Only SQL). In the BID500 - Big Data/NoSQL Database Essentials course, learn about Big Data and NoSQL Databases and their common characteristics.

Apache Hadoop has become the platform of choice for big data analysis across industry.  The need for expertise in operating Hadoop clusters, developing Hadoop applications, and Big Data analytics is also increasing. In BID550 - Essentials for Apache Hadoop, learn about the Hadoop Ecosystem and be introduced to Apache Hadoop technologies.

Hive and Pig allows the management and manipulation of data in a Hadoop cluster without writing Java code. Apache Hive is Hadoop’s data warehouse infrastructure and it makes multi-structured data accessible to analysts, database administrators, and others without Java programming expertise. Apache Pig applies the fundamentals of familiar scripting languages to the Hadoop cluster. In BID900 - Data Analyst Training: Using Pig and Hive learn how apply data analytics and business intelligence skills to big data, including how to access, manipulate, and analyze complex data sets using Pig and Hive.

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