This certificate includes a custom compilation of Introduction to C# Programming, Intermediate C# Programming, Advanced C# Programming, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET MVC customized for Boeing Employees. Students will receive a Certificate in C# Programming in .NET for Boeing.

  • Introduction to C# Programming (2 nights)

This section provides software developers with a working knowledge of the C# programming language. Topics include the .NET Framework, using Visual Studio.NET, the C# language and syntax, an introduction to Object-Oriented Programming for C#, and debugging and deploying C# applications.

  • Intermediate C# Programming (4 nights)

This section is a continuation of the Introduction to C# programming course where students review object-oriented programming concepts and create and use their own class and class libraries. Topics include Object-Oriented Design and Programming for C#, indexes, events, inheritance, and class libraries.

  • ADO.NET (2 nights)

ADO.NET is the primary data access API for the .Net Framework. In this section, students fully discuss and utilize the ADO.NET model. Topics include understanding ADO.NET, managed providers, understanding and using data sources and datasets, bound controls, connections, commands, data readers, and parameters.

  • ASP.NET Fundamentals (4 nights)

The ASP.NET hands-on section teaches students to create classic ASP.NET applications. Some of the topics include ASP.NET architecture, Web form and server controls, ASP.NET, master pages, site navigation and themes. 

  • Advanced C# Programming (2 nights)

The Advanced C# Programming section goes beyond the basics to focus on advanced topics of C#. Topics include interfaces, generics, delegates, and advanced language features.

  • Entity Framework and LINQ (2 nights)

The section starts with an introduction to the Entity Framework and LINQ where students learn about data access and object-relational modeling, they also learn how Entity Framework works and the tools it provides. 

  • ASP.NET MVC (6 nights)

In this section students will learn to develop ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application. ASP.NET MVC will be introduced and compared with classical ASP.NET so that students know when each should/could be used.

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