Course Description

Interested in getting a 90-hour certificate in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning? Then register using this page, which bundles together all three of the courses in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Certificate for easy registration and check out. The courses are as follows:

TIF100 Data Engineering

In this course, students will be introduced to the various types of data commonly utilized in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning problems.  In addition, the students will apply standard processes commonly found in data extraction, data transformation and data loading methods commonly utilized in AI applications. Students will construct a data ingestion pipeline using a data warehouse and prep data for use in a predefined Machine Learning problem.

TIF125 Predicting Customer Buying Behavior (Supervised Machine Learning)

In this course, students will be introduced to Machine Learning and basic Classification and Regression concepts using the Python programming language and various open source visualization tools. Students will predict the probability of customer retention and predict the sales capacity of various chain stores in a given location throughout one year. Students will also use learn to deploy their predictive models in a basic, predefined Machine Learning pipeline for making predictions using real-time data.

TIF150 Detecting Machine Failure

In this course, students use Python to apply unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to unlabeled data to ascertain if anomalies are present in real-time streaming data being generated by a piece of industrial machinery. Students also query and analyze a Neo4J Graph Database to ascertain hidden relationships among a large set of chatbot data to better understand how chatbots and Natural Language Processing are used in AI.

Learner Outcomes

Refer to the individual class sections above for learner outcomes. 


Refer to the individual class sections above for prerequisites. 


90 Hours | 15 Weeks

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