Course Description

Project Management Essentials (3 Day | 6 Nights)

  • Project Management is the use of principles, techniques and tools to execute projects effectively and efficiently. For most organizations it is a necessary competency which allows them to reach business goals via project deliverables. This 3-day course uses lecture, discussion and case studies to provide an overview of project management concepts and principles.  Topics include the Project Management Framework, Process Groups, and Knowledge Areas.  Specific issues such as project authority, leadership skills, and stakeholder communication strategies will also be covered.

Effective Communication (2 Day | 4 Nights)

  • In this course, you’ll learn how to build successful communication and effectively connect with others.  You’ll discover influence strategies and get skills to effectively persuade technical and non-technical audience’s to your point of view. Discover the skills critical to building solid work relationships and becoming more persuasive in your communication. You’ll gain valuable insights into your communication style and that of others—and provide you with hands-on skills for productively receiving and transmitting information, ideas and thoughts.

Effective Project Scheduling and Control (2 Day | 4 Nights)

  • Time Management is one of the key knowledge areas in Project Management.  Project Managers need to understand time management as well as how scheduling software can help in creating and tracking a project plan.  This hands-on course addresses time management using Microsoft Project as the scheduling tool. Topics include the PMBOK® time management processes, scheduling concepts, developing and analyzing schedules, creating and tracking a project plan using Project, managing float, critical path method (CPM), resource management, and reporting the project plan.\

Estimating and Managing Project Costs (1 Day | 2 Nights)

  • Cost Management is one of the key knowledge areas in Project Management. For many projects, completing a project on time and within budget will determine its success. When developing the project plan, realistic estimates are necessary in making key decisions about project funding and selection.  This 1-day course addresses the cost management knowledge area, developing detailed project estimates, determining budget and earned value management.

Project Risk Management (1 Day | 2 Nights)

  • Identifying, analyzing, and responding to risk is a crucial element for the successful management of projects.  In this 1-day course students will gain an understanding of risk management, and the role and elements of a risk management plan (RMP).  Other topics include identifying risks, methods and tools for analyzing risks and determining risk impacts, risk prioritization and mitigation techniques, and methods to track, control, and communicate risks throughout the project life cycle.

Project Quality Management (1 Day | 2 Nights)

  • Project Quality Management focuses on overseeing product quality and ensuring process quality when creating project deliverables.  In this 1-day course students master the quality planning process, quality planning tools and metrics, and quality assurance.


10 Days | 20 Nights

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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