Course Description

This course combines a series of Data Science and Python training courses into one course for learners to earn their certificates. This course covers Using Data Science tools in Python, Data Wrangling with Python, and Big Data Analysis with Python. 

PYT550 - Using Data Science tools in Python

More and more organizations are turning to data science to help guide business decisions. Regardless of industry, the ability to extract knowledge from data is crucial for a modern business to stay competitive. One of the tools at the forefront of data science is the Python® programming language. Python's robust libraries have given data scientists the ability to load, analyze, shape, clean, and visualize data in easy to use, yet powerful, ways. This course will teach you the skills you need to successfully use these key libraries to extract useful insights from data, and as a result, provide great value to the business.

PYT575 - Data Wrangling with Python

Data is the new oil, but it comes crude. To do anything meaningful - modeling, visualization, machine learning, for predictive analysis – you first need to wrestle and wrangle with data. Data Wrangling with Python teaches you the essentials that will get you up and running with data wrangling in no time.

PYT600 - Big Data Analysis with Python

Get to grips with processing large volumes of data and presenting it as engaging, interactive insights using Spark and Python.


7 Days | 14 Nights

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