Course Description

In this course, students learn how to use Terraform to create, manage, and maintain resources. Topics include what is an Infrastructure as Code tool, how to install Terraform, how to deploy infrastructure using Terraform, configurations, Terraform Provisioners, Modules and Workspaces. Students learn how to control and automate your AWS environments. 

This class is appropriate for anyone wanting to learn Terraform from the ground up. 

Course Outline


  • Overview
    • What is Terraform? 
    • How Terraform works 
    • Advantages and disadvantages 
  • Getting Started
    • What is an Infrastructure as a Cloud tool? 
    • Installing Terraform 
    • Selecting an IDE 
    • Setting up an AWS account 
  • Deploying Infrastructure with Terraform
    • Resources and Providers 
    • Destroying Infrastructure with Terraform 
    • Terraform States 
    • Terraform Providers 
  • Terraform Configuration files
    • Attributes and Output Values 
    • Variables 
    • Conditional Expressions 
    • Local Values 
    • Functions 
    • Data Sources 
    • Debugging in Terraform 
    • Terraform Format 
    • Validating Configuration Files
    • Load Order & Semantics 
    • Dynamic Blocks 
    • Tainting Resources 
    • Splat Expressions 
    • Terraform Graph 
    • Saving Terraform Plan to File 
    • Settings 
    • Zipmap Function 
  • Terraform Modules and Workspaces 
    • What are modules? 
    • Why modules are so powerful 
    • Understanding DRY principle 
    • Implementing EC2 module with Terraform 
    • Variables and Terraform Modules 
    • Terraform Registry 
    • Terraform Workspace 
    • Implementing Terraform Workspace 
  • Remote State Management with Terraform 
  • Working with EC2 Instances 
    • Creating an EC2 instance 
    • Working with EIP’s 
    • How attributes work 
    • Security Groups 
    • Security Groups with Dynamic Blocks


AWS100 – AWS Cloud Foundations or equivalent experience. No prior Terraform experience is required. 


1 Day | 2 Nights

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Introduction to Terraform
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