Course Description

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach for optimizing an organization's underlying processes. In this course learn what BPI is and how to develop strategies for identifying potential improvements, gaining buy-in from process owners, and developing process change strategies. The course discusses a framework for improving process and defines process improvement concepts and techniques. Lastly, discuss how to effectively introduce process changes.

Course Outline

  • What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?
    • Definition
    • Why focus on BPI
    • Areas of Opportunity
  • BPI Methodologies
    • International Standard Organization (ISO)
    • Total Quality Management (TQM)
    • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
    • Six Sigma
  • The Roadmap – Ten Simple Steps
    • Develop the Process Inventory
    • Establish the Foundation
    • Draw the Process Map
    • Estimate Time and Cost
    • Verify the Process Map
    • Apply Improvement Techniques
    • Create Internal Controls, Tools and Metrics
    • Test and Rework
    • Implement the Change
    • Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Create the Executive Summary
    • Project Focus
    • Goals
    • Summary
    • Key findings
    • Deliverables


There are no prerequisites for this course.


12 Hours | 2 Days or 4 Nights


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Business Process Improvement
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