Course Description

Custom compilation of Project Management Essentials, Effective Communication, Effective Project Scheduling and Control, Estimating and Managing Project Costs, Project Risk Management, and Agile for the Waterfall Minded. Customized for Boeing employees.

Course Outline

  • Project Management Essentials  (3 days)
    This 3-day course uses lecture, discussion and case studies to provide an overview of project management concepts and principles. Topics include the Project Management Framework, Process Groups, and Knowledge Areas.
  • Effective Communication (1 day)
    Effective and persuasive communication is vital for personal and professional success. And organizational communication requires the ability to adapt your message to a range of audience types.
  • Effective Project Scheduling and Control (2 days)
    Time Management is one of the key knowledge areas in Project Management. Project Managers need to understand time management as well as how scheduling software can help in creating and tracking a project plan.
  • Estimating and Managing Project Costs (1 day)
    Cost Management is one of the key knowledge areas in Project Management. For many projects, completing a project on time and within budget will determine its success. When developing the project plan, realistic estimates are necessary in making key decisions about project funding and selection.
  • Project Risk Management (1 day)
    Identifying, analyzing, and responding to risk is a crucial element for the successful management of projects. In this 1-day course students will gain an understanding of risk management, and the role and elements of a risk management plan (RMP).
  • Agile Bootcamp I (2 days)
    When developing higher-quality, more effective software, Agile technology has shown very high potential and is becoming common place, but many questions continue to be unanswered. This class lays the foundation for your Agile success.


60 Hours | 10 Days or 20 Nights

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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