Today, as more business transactions move online, businesses have an even greater need to keep computers and networks secure. Hackers and cyber-terrorist threats have caused enterprises to fortify their infrastructure and data security. Because of these threats and security breaches, government agencies and corporate clients have demanded improved security and poured over corporate security process and procedures. This certificate prepares students for a wide range of career levels in information technology and more specifically the security field. Topics include Information Security Essentials, Security Architecture and Design, Hacking, Incident Response, Forensics and Application Security.

If you are interested in enrolling in the 60 hour certificate, view date on this page: CYBER.PRO: Cyber Security Professional Certificate

Advanced Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

In order to complete the Advanced Cybersecurity Professional Certificate (90 Hours), students must complete the Cybersecurity Certificate (60 Hours) and one bootcamp from the list below.

Each course counts towards one certificate only.

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Minimum Required

60 Hour(s)

In order to complete the Cybersecurity Professional Certificate (60-Hours), students will complete the core classes (SEC100, SEC200, SEC300, SEC400, SEC500).
Minimum Required

30 Hour(s)

In order to complete the Advanced Cybersecurity Professional Certificate (90-Hours), students must complete the core classes listed above and one bootcamp from the electives list.
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