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The SLU Workforce Center has been delivering live-online training since its inception in 2013. Our live-online classrooms create an environment of connection and real-time participation. Classes meet through the top video-conferencing platforms (WebEx or Zoom) and use a Learning Management System (Canvas) for a seamless experience.

Enrollment and Set-Up for Live-Online Learning

  1. Before you register, run these tests to ensure your computer set-up is compatible.
  2. During registration, be sure to select "Instructor-Led - Virtual" from the menu and verify it at checkout.
  3. During registration, ensure your preferred shipping address, mobile phone and email address have been provided. If physical course materials are needed, they will be shipped directly to you.

Prior to Class

  • Your course could use a combination of live-online learning tools. You will receive an email invitation(s) to the tools for your course a few days before the first class.
  • For each day of class, the video-conferencing session will be available to connect 30 minutes prior to class beginning. Please join the session at least 15 minutes prior to class beginning to ensure class is not disrupted.
teacher teaching on monitor
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Live-Online Learning Equipment Requirements

  • Stable internet connection
  • A desktop or laptop computer with Windows 10 or higher
  • Speakers and microphone, built-in or external
  • Web audio (VOIP) through your computer is preferred. (Note: using a phone to connect to Webex audio may cause you to incur additional costs on your line.)

Enhance Your Live-Online Experience with this Additional Highly Recommended Equipment

  • Second monitor
  • Webcam (Note: a webcam with a built in microphone makes installation easier)


  • Close any non-essential applications
  • Free up all available system resources
  • Do not connect to a VPN during your class
  • Use a wired internet connection if available
  • Reboot before joining the class - a simple reboot will free up audio/video resources and ensures other application are completely closed
  • Clear the cache and cookies from web browser
  • For classes using only Webex, add messenger@webex.com to your spam filter list to ensure that you receive the emailed invite.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance with set-up, please call 314-977-3226 or email info@workforcecenter.slu.edu or Pat Waller at pwaller@workforcecenter.slu.edu.

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