50588A - Office 365: A Day in the Life of the End-User
55154A - Office 365 for the End-User
55181A - Microsoft Project 2016: Digging Deeper
77-420 - Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2013 Review/Test Prep
MSO010 - PowerPoint: Creating and Formatting Presentations
MSO020 - Access I: Tables, Records, Queries, Basic Forms and Reports
MSO030 - Access II: Multi-Table Functions, Advanced Queries/Reports/Forms, and Importing/Exporting
MSO040 - Access III: Macros and VBA
MSO060 - Excel I: Formatting, Functions and Formulas
MSO070 - Excel II: Advanced Formulas/Functions, Charts/Scenarios, Importing/Exporting Data
MSO080 - Excel III: Database Operations, Filters, Subtotals and Macros
MSO085 - Excel: PivotTables and PivotCharts
MSO090 - Excel Programming with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
MSO100 - Excel Dashboards Workshop
MSO110 - Visio: Diagrams, Flow Charts and Organizational Charts
MSO111 - Project
MSO112 - Microsoft Project I: Building Schedules with Tasks, Resources and Assignments
MSO113 - Microsoft Project II: Multi-Project Consolidation, Custom Formulas, Resource Pools, Reports, Filters and Sorting
MSO120 - Excel Data Analytics with Power BI/PowerPivot
MSO130 - Outlook: Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes
MSO210 - Word I: Editing/Formatting, Tabs and Tables
MSO220 - Word II: Styles, Headers/Footers, Table of Contents, Templates and Mail Merges
MSO230 - Word III: Lists, Indexes/References, Tracking Changes, Forms and Macros
MSO300 - Microsoft OneNote: Notebooks, Sections, Pages and Note Skills
OFFICE.PRO - Microsoft Office Professional