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This course combines a series of data science training courses into one course for learners to earn their certificates. This course covers Data Science and Analytics with R, Data Science Projects with Python, and Machine Learning Workshop using TensorFlow. 

DAS300: Data Science and Analytics with R

18 Hours | 1.8 CEUs | $1,975

  • In our data-driven world, organizations need the right tools to extract valuable insights from that data. The R programming language is one of the tools at the forefront of data science. Its robust set of packages and statistical functions makes it a powerful choice for analyzing data, manipulating data, performing statistical tests on data, and creating predictive models from data. Likewise, R is notable for its strong data visualization tools, enabling you to create high-quality graphs and plots that are incredibly customizable.
  • This course will teach you the fundamentals of programming in R to get you started. It will also teach you how to use R to perform common data science tasks and achieve data-driven results for the business.

PYT500: Data Science Projects with Python

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,320

  • Data Science Projects with Python will help you get comfortable with using the Python environment for data science. This course will start you on your journey to mastering topics within machine learning. These skills will help you deliver the kind of state-of-the-art predictive models that are being used to deliver value to businesses across industries.

DAS350: Machine Learning Workshop using TensorFlow

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,320

  • This is an in depth hands on workshop based course that teaches the fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Networks (NN). The course is designed for professionals who will be asked to solve various business problems using ML. Workshop projects are designed to be realistic. They follow a complete lifecycle:
    • Collect and clean up data.
    • Design a model
    • Train the model with data
    • Start doing prediction
  • We primarily use Keras for the workshops. In some cases, we dive lower and code using Tensorflow API. This done to gain a better understanding of the concepts.


7 Days | 14 Nights
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To complete "Data Science Certificate", you must enroll in DAS300PYT500, & DAS350. Click on each course link for more details and to add to cart:

Data Science and Analytics with R (DAS300):

  • Starts Sep 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21

Data Science Projects with Python (PYT500):

  • Starts Oct 10, 12, 17, 19

Machine Learning Workshop using TensorFlow (DAS350):

  • Starts Oct 31, Nov 2, 7, 9
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