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NWK100 Networking Essentials

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,050

  • Networking can be a complex topic, especially for those new to the IT field. This course introduces the essentials of networking, helping students gain a solid foundation for networking concepts needed for careers in information technology. Topics include data communications, telecommunications, LANs, WANs, network operating systems, wiring topologies, and communications protocols.

TCP100 TCP/IP Essentials

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,050

  • With the TCP/IP family of protocols as the standard in the world of networking, they form the basis of today’s internet. In this course students learn the essential skills needed to set up, configure, support, and troubleshoot TCP/IP-based networks. Topics include the TCP/IP suite standards, TCP/IP numbering systems, IP Addressing and Subnetting, DNS, as well as a detailed study of the TCP/IP’s underlying communication protocols.

NWK200 IP Routing Essentials

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,050

  • IP switching and routing has become the backbone of all Internet communications. In this course students gain the advanced routing skills needed for the integration of LANs and WANs into enterprise networks.  This course focuses on IP Routing and the associated routing protocols. Topics include standard routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, IGRP, and BGP, as well as Layer 3 or IP Switching in relation to interLAN and VLAN routing.

NWK300 Enterprise Network Design, Management and Troubleshooting

12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs | $1,050

  • In this course the topics are divided between Network Design and Network Management and Troubleshooting.  The class will begin with Network Design focusing on the essentials of enterprise level networks including design concepts and practices, investigating high-speed Local Area Networking Technologies their ideal environments. Topics include the discussion of differing high-speed technology options for LAN environments and the adoption and implementation of each network protocol, with hands-on demonstrations of each LAN protocol throughout.
  • The course will then progress to Network Management and Troubleshooting where the course will help participants understand the set of responsibilities involved to make sure that network communications channels are readily available and perform optimally from source to destination, focusing on network systems management in its broadest context and principles of network systems management. Topics include strategies and standards for managing various areas requiring network systems support as well as management software, techniques, and protocols that are currently available.
  • Classes are delivered in Central Time Zone and class times are notated on each course link.
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48 Hours | 8 Days or 16 Nights 
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Enterprise Networking and TCP/IP Certificate
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To complete "Enterprise Networking and TCP/IP Certificate", you must enroll in NWK100TCP100 NWK200 , &  NWK300 , and take the courses in chronological order. Click on each course link for more details and to add to cart:

Networking Essentials (NWK100):

  • Starts Feb 20, 22, 27, 29

TCP/IP Essentials (TCP100):

  • Starts Mar 5, 7, 12, 14

IP Routing Essentials (NWK200)

  • Starts Mar 19, 21, 26, 28

Enterprise Network Design, Management and Troubleshooting (NWK300):

  • Starts Apr 2, 4, 9, 11
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