Welcome to Instructor-Led Virtual Training at SLU's Workforce Center

We take pride in the fact that we have offered Instructor-Led Virtual training for over 7 years at the Workforce Center. We have the knowledge, experience and technology to create the best virtual learning experience for our students who are taking classes from all over the world. Our instructors are subject matter experts, but they also are highly skilled in teaching students remotely -- this means they stay current with their methodologies, they understand and use the best technology, and they ensure that students are engaged online just as much as they would be in the classroom! Taking Instructor-Led Virtual classes at the Workforce Center is easy with the following equipment:

  • Internet connection
  • Preferably a desktop or laptop computer
  • Speakers and microphone - those built into the computer are fine

Our virtual courses use either Webex or Zoom depending on the course set-up and requirements. If you have questions about Virtual Training, please contact our Center by email at info@workforcecenter.slu.edu or by phone at 314-977-3226.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum computer system requirements: 
* Using a laptop or desktop computer is recommended when taking virtual classes at the Workforce Center. 

Test Your Connection: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

Additional Equipment

  • Second monitor is recommended but not required.
  • Students may use a webcam to improve engagement, but a webcam with a built in microphone makes installation easier.
  • Students can use a phone for audio, but the use of web audio (VOIP) through your computer is strongly recommended. Using a phone to connect to Webex audio may cause you to incur additional costs on your line. 

Improving Online Performance

  • Close any non-essential applications.

    • Free up all available system resources.

    • Do not connect to a VPN during your class.

  • Use a wired internet connection.

    • Wired connections are typically stronger and more reliable than wireless.

    • Reboot before joining the Virtual Class.

    • A simple reboot will free up audio/video resources and ensures other application are completely closed.

Registration and Set-Up for Virtual Classes

  1. Before you register for a virtual class, run this WebEx test to ensure your computer set-up is compatible: http://www.webex.com/test
  2. Classes with virtual options available will have a Delivery Option choice that will say "Instructor-Led - Virtual" on the registration site. When enrolling, be sure to select "Instructor-Led - Virtual" from this menu and verify in the cart during check out.
  3. After registering, please send an email with your preferred shipping address, phone and email address for WebEx to info@workforcecenter.slu.edu
  4. Prior to class beginning, you will receive a WebEx invitation via email instructing you to register for a Conference session for your class. Go ahead and register for this session as soon as you can. Keep in mind, this invitation will have instructions for connecting virtually to your class. You will also receive two reminder emails for this Conference session -- one 24 hours beforehand and another just before class is scheduled to begin.
  5. If you are registered for a technical class, you will receive a separate email for a Hands-On session. On the day of class, remember to connect to the Hands-On session prior to connecting to the Conference session. 
  6. For each day of class, the class session will be available to connect 30 minutes prior to class beginning. We request that students join the WebEx session at least 15 minutes prior to class beginning so as not to disrupt the start of class.
  7. Note: Be sure to add messenger@webex.com to the spam filter list to ensure that you can get the invite and reminder emails from the WebEx system. Also, if you need to connect to the WorkForce Center WebEx page, here is the link: workforcecenter.webex.com

If you have any questions about Webex or would like a staff member to contact you to help with set-up, please send an email to info@workforcecenter.slu.edu or Pat Waller: pwaller@workforcecenter.slu.edu .

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