Course Description

This course is intended to help you, the contract manager, consistently win contract competitions in a more effective and efficient manner by applying best practices in a practical approach to developing a winning proposal. You’ll learn to decipher the RFP, understand the proposal preparation process, development proposal themes that will influence the evaluators. Throughout students will learn to maximize the proposal management process, including the technical aspects, format and graphics considerations.

Course Outline

  • Stakeholders & Roles
    • Business Development, Capture Manager, Proposal Manager
    • Project Manager & Program Manager
    • Contract Manager
    • Who are the Stakeholders
  • Starting a procurement
    • Capture Planning
    • Pre-Bid Proposal Phase
    • Kick-Off Meeting
    • Proposal Process
    • Schedule
    • Pre-sale Activities
    • Story Boards and Mockups
    • Proposal Requests
  • Writing a Proposal
    • Proposal Writing
    • Proposal Visuals / Graphics
    • Cover Letters
    • Executive Summary
  • Proposal strategy and how to write a winning proposal!
    • Proposal to Contract
    • Discussion Board
    • Bid/Proposal Development
      • Capture Team
      • Capture Project Plan
      • Proposal Strategy
    • Proposal Management Plan
      • Communication Plan
    • Risk Analysis
    • Proposal Review & Approval
    • Proposal Layout
  • Evaluate a Proposal
    • Proposal Evaluation
    • Government Contracting (FAR) Source Selection
  • Negotiations
    • Negotiation Approaches
    • Separating People from the Issues
    • Focus on Interests
    • Invent multiple options looking for mutual gains before deciding what to do; and
    • Insist that the results be based on some objective standard.
    • Negotiation Team, Strategies, Plan and Communication
  • Document the negotiated deal
    • WHO is WHO
      • Who should write the contract?
    • Contract Lifecycle Stakeholders
    • Where to Start?
    • Framework Agreements
    • What is a Contract
    • Contract Content
    • Government Contracting


Contract Management Essentials or Equivalent Experience


12 Hours | 2 Days or 4 Nights

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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