Course Description

Splunk is a software that helps analysts, operators, programmers and others explore many types of data, including raw machine data. It is an extremely powerful tool that allows organizations to collect, search, explore, analyze and visualize data of all types. It’s a secure way to examine the enormous streams of machine data produced by technology, infrastructure, and IT systems, regardless if the systems are virtual, physical, or in the cloud.

Splunk Essentials II is the continuation of Splunk Essentials (BID600) and builds on the skills learned in Splunk Essentials. In Splunk Essentials II students expand their search knowledge creating efficient and effective searches for their organization. Student also build on their Splunk dashboard knowledge: creating, deploying and mastering all aspects of Splunk dashboards. Other topics include Splunk Advanced Searches, Extending Searches with tags, event types, lookups, macros and workflow actions, Working with Apps, Splunk Configuration, Extending Splunk with scripts and the Machine Learning Toolkit.


Course Outline

· Splunk Review

· Advanced Search Examples

· Extending Search

· Working with Apps

· Advanced Dashboards

· Summary Indexes and CSV Files

· Configuring Splunk

· Advanced Deployments

· Extending Splunk

· Machine Learning Toolkit

Additional Information

Duration: 3 Days or 6 Nights 


Splunk Essentials (BID600) or equivalent experience

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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Splunk Essentials II
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5:30PM to 8:30PM
Mar 09, 2021 to Mar 25, 2021
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