Course Description

AWS Academy Cloud Developing is designed to help students gain technical expertise in development using cloud technologies and prepare them to take the AWS Certified Developer – Associate level AWS Certification exam. The curriculum is delivered through instructor-led classes, knowledge assessments, and hands-on labs. Students will also have access to course manuals, online knowledge assessments, a free practice certification exam, and a discount voucher for the certification exam.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Welcome to Academy Cloud Developing (ACD)
  • Module 2 - Introduction to Developing on AWS
    • Recognize the systems development life cycle
    • Describe how to start developing on AWS
    • Indicate how to work with AWS SDKs
    • Identify why AWS X-Ray is a critical developer tool
    • Identify AWS management tools
    • Develop and run a simple program in AWS Cloud9
  • Module 3 - Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Recognize the shared responsibility model
    • Explain how IAM helps secure access to AWS resources
    • Describe IAM user authentication Identify how to authorize an IAM user, group, or role
  • Module 4 - Developing Storage Solutions with Amazon S3
    • Describe how Amazon S3 can be used as a storage solution
    • Identify Amazon S3 features and components
    • Describe two ways to protect data with Amazon S3
    • Describe the function of the S3 object operations (PUT, GET, SELECT, DELETE)
    • Explain how to manage access to Amazon S3 resources
    • Develop with Amazon S3 using the AWS SDKs
  • Module 5 - Developing Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB
    • Identify Amazon DynamoDB features
    • Describe Amazon DynamoDB components
    • Explain how Amazon DynamoDB uses partitions Indicate how indexes are used with Amazon DynamoDB
    • Describe how Amazon DynamoDB keeps data consistent
    • Recognize when streaming and global tables are used
    • Explain the backup and restore process Develop flexible NoSQL solutions with Amazon DynamoDB
  • Module 6 - Introduction to Caching with Amazon CloudFront and Amazon ElastiCache
    • Explain when caching is used
    • Describe caching with Amazon CloudFront
    • Describe caching with Amazon ElastiCache
    • Apply caching strategies
  • Module 7 - Introduction to Containers
    • Describe the history, technology, and terminology behind containers
    • Differentiate containers from bare-metal servers and virtual machines
    • Identify the characteristics of a microservices architecture
    • Recognize the drivers for using container-based workloads
    • Host a basic website by using Docker containers
  • Module 8 - Developing Solutions with Amazon SQS and Amason SNS
    • Recall how message queues work
    • Describe Amazon SQS
    • Send messages to an SQS queue
    • Describe Amazon SNS
    • Explain Amazon SNS concepts
    • Describe Amazon MQ
  • Module 9 - Developing Event-Driven Solutions with AWS Lambda
    • Explain serverless computing
    • Describe how AWS Lambda works
    • Recognize AWS Lambda execution models
    • Identify how to use AWS IAM to grant Lambda permissions
    • Indicate the steps to author and configure a Lambda function
    • Explain how to deploy serverless applications
    • Develop event-driven solutions with AWS Lambda
  • Module 10 - Developing Solutions with AWS Step Functions
    • Recognize application programming interfaces
    • Describe Amazon API Gateway
    • Indicate the steps for developing RESTful APIs with Amazon API Gateway
  • Module 11 - Developing Solutions with Amazon API Gateway
    • Recognize the dynamics of workflow coordination in distributed applications
    • Describe AWS Step Functions Identify state types
    • Indicate common use cases for AWS Step Functions
    • Recall AWS Step Functions APIs
  • Module 12 - Developing Secure Applications on AWS
    • Identity how to secure applications
    • Describe how to manage your application’s secrets
    • Recall how to authenticate with AWS Security Token Service
    • Describe how Amazon Cognito is used to build secure applications
  • Module 13 - Deploying Applications on AWS
    • Describe DevOps
    • Recognize AWS code services for CI/CD
    • Summarize deployment strategies
    • Describe how AWS Elastic Beanstalk is used to deploy applications
    • Describe how AWS CloudFormation is used to deploy applications
    • Describe how AWS SAM is used to deploy serverless applications

Learner Outcomes

AWS Cloud Developing teaches students how to: 

  • Recall cloud computing services and models 
  • Describe developing on AWS 
  • Configure AWS Identity and Access Management for programmatic access 
  • Configure storage with Amazon S3 programmatically 
  • Develop with DynamoDB 
  • Explain caching 
  • Configure containers 
  • Develop event-driven solutions with Lambda 
  • Configure solutions with API Gateway 
  • Develop solutions with SQS and SNS 
  • Describe the use of Step Functions 
  • Identify best practice for building secure applications 
  • Identify best practice for deploying applications

Additional Information

This class prepares you for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam.


AWS Academy Cloud Developing requires a strong foundation in IT concepts and skills. To ensure success in this course, students should have: 

  • Completed AWS Academy Cloud Foundations course or have equivalent experience 
  • A working knowledge of distributed systems 
  • Familiarity with general networking concepts 
  • A working knowledge of multi-tier architectures 
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts


30 Hours | 5 Days | 10 Nights

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