Course Description

C# is the leading object-oriented language used in the development of Microsoft .NET applications for the enterprise. This hands-on workshop provides software developers with a working knowledge of the C# programming language and object-oriented programming concepts. Topics include the .NET Framework, using Visual Studio.NET, the C# language and syntax, basic File I/O, ADO.NET concepts, Windows Forms and enhancing the Windows Forms user interface, and debugging and deploying C# applications. Object-oriented topics include Object-Oriented Design and Programming for C#, indexes, events, inheritance, class libraries, basic File I/O, ADO.NET concepts, and enhancing the Windows Forms user interface.

Course Outline


  • An introduction to Visual Studio
    • Getting started with Visual Studio
    • Designing a Windows Forms application
    • Coding and testing a Windows Forms application
  • The C# language essentials
    • Working with numeric and string data
    • Coding control structures
    • Coding methods and event handlers
    • Exceptions and validate data
    • Arrays and collections
    • Dates and strings
    • Windows forms and controls
    • Debugging an application
  • Object-oriented programming
    • Creating and using classes
    • Indexers, delegates, events, and operators
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces and generics
    • Organize, document, and test your classes
    • Working with data
    • File I/O
    • LINQ
  • Database programming
    • Introduction to database programming
    • Entity Framework Core
    • ADO.NET to write data access code
    • DataGridView control


Some prior programming experience required, preferably in an object-oriented language.


5 Days | 10 Nights

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Programming in C# and .NET
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5:30PM to 8:30PM
Oct 12, 2021 to Nov 11, 2021
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