Course Description

In VxWorks Essentials students learn the basic skills necessary to debug, build and test real-time applications in a target host development environment using Workbench and VxWorks.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to RTOS
  • What is RTOS?
  • RTOS features
  • Soft and hard real systems
  • Monolithic vs Microkernel Architecture
  • Introduction to VxWorks
  • What is VxWorks?
  • VxWorks features
  • Introduction to Workbench
  • What is Workbench
  • Workbench Design
  • Workbench Architecture
  • VxWorks Targets and Connections
  • Configuring Hardware target configuration
  • Booting the hardware target
  • VxWorks Simulator
  • VxWorks Events and Shells
  • Debugging in Workbench
  • VxWorks Kernel Shell
  • Introducing Kernel shell commands and help
  • Introducing Kernel shell usage
  • Command-line history and editing
  • How to use the Object module loader
  • Real-Time Multitasking
  • Task basics
  • Task Control
  • System Tasks
  • Task States
  • Task Status
  • Project Creation and Management
  • VxWorks Project Overview
  • Bootable Projects
  • Directory structure
  • Integrated Simulator
  • Downloadable Projects
  • Semaphores
  • Synchronization problem
  • Binary semaphores
  • Mutex Semaphores
  • Mutual exclusion problem
  • Priority Inversion
  • Priority Inheritance
  • Inter-task Communication
  • Shared memory
  • Message queues
  • Pipes in VxWorks
  • Memory
  • Physical memory layout
  • Virtual memory layout
  • Memory allocation
  • Real Time Processes (RTPs)
  • Exceptions, Interrupts and Timers
  • What are Exceptions, Interrupts and Timers
  • What are Signals
  • What are Exception handlers and signal handlers
  • I/O and File Systems
  • Overview of I/O and File Systems
  • Character I/O
  • Block I/O
  • Error Detection and Reporting
  • System Viewer


Student must have basic understanding of operating systems. Students should have prior programming experience, preferably C or C++.


4 Days | 8 Nights

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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