Course Description

This course will provide hands-on experience building out a CI/CD pipeline from start to finish. It begins with source control management and ends with a fully-orchestrated pipeline using Jenkins. 

This DevOps CI/CD Pipeline training teaches attendees Git topics from the ground up, allowing students to securely push code to a remote Git repository. Next, attendees learn how to configure servers using a Configuration Management tool from code stored in Git. Finally, they integrate Git and Configuration Management with a CI/CD tool to build, test, and deploy your code into Test, Staging, and Production environments, creating an automated end-to-end DevOps pipeline. 

In this course students gain hands-on experience with Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, and Jenkins. Prerequisites Proficiency with the Linux CLI and experience. 

DEV520 is the second course in the DevSecOps Certificate. To complete the certificate students will also enroll in DEV510, & LIN300. Click on each course link for more details and to add to cart.

Course Outline


    • Introduction to Implementing a Full CI/CD pipeline
    • Technology Overview
      • Git – Source Control Management 
      • Configuration Management 
      • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment 
    • Git: Source Control Management o Purpose overview and use cases 
      • Git workflow 
      • Configuring git 
      • Getting help with git 
      • Local vs. Global vs System configurations 
      • Basic git commands 
      • Creating local git repositories 
      • Branching and merging 
      • Using remote repositories (Github, Bitbucket, GitLab) 
      • Pushing code to remote repositories using public and private SSH keys 
    • Build Automation/ Application Deployment/ Orchestrations
      • Architecture and call flow 
      • Installation, configuration and validation
      • Managing hosts and nodes 
      • Managing servers through scripting 
      • Shipping policies: writing repeatable code 
      • Shipping quality code: 
      • Linting 
      • Unit testing 
      • Integration testing 
      • Dynamic configuration and discovering server details 
      • Using variables across multiple servers 
      • Creating groups of managed servers 
      • Using community configurations 
      • Automating Configuration Management updates 
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
      • CI/CD overview, use cases and history 
      • CI/CD architecture 
      • Project configurations
      • CI/CD as code 
      • Environment variables and parameters 
      • Distributed builds 
      • Customizing project views 
      • Managing credentials and secrets 
      • Integrating CI/CD with git 
      • Triggers: webhooks and polling
      • Notifications: instant messenger integration and SMTP email 
      • Approving builds 
      • Testing code through CI/CD 
      • Running builds from multiple git branches 
      • Applying conditional logic within CI/CD scripts 
      • Deploying Configuration Management code with CI/CD
    • Implementing Fully-Automated Deployment in a CD Pipeline


Proficiency with the Linux CLI and Experience with scripting and a text editor of any kind. 


3 Days | 6 Nights

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