Course Description

Short Course | 24 hours | 2.4 CEUs

In this course students learn the basics of using the Vulkan graphics and compute API. Vulkan is a new API by the Khronos group, also known for OpenGL, that provides a better abstraction of modern graphics cards, as well as a new interface that results in better performance and less surprising driver behavior when compared to existing APIs like OpenGL. In addition, Vulkan has the advantage of being fully cross-platform compatible and allows you to develop for Windows, Linux and Android at the same time. 

Course Outline

  • Overview of Vulkan 
    • Introduction 
    • Setup 
    • Instances, Devices, and Queues 
    • Object Types and Functions Conventions 
    • Managing Memory 
    • Multithreading 
    • Mathematical Concepts 
    • Layers and Extensions 
    • Shutting Down 
  • Memory and Resources 
    • Host Memory Management 
    • Resources 
    • Device Memory Management 
  • Queues and Commands 
    • Device Queues 
    • Commands and Command Buffers 
  • Moving Data 
    • Managing Resource State 
    • Clearing and Fulling Buffers and Images 
    • Copying Image Data 
    • Copying Compressed Image Data 
    • Stretching Images 
  • Presentation 
    • Presentation Extension 
    • Presentation Surfaces 
    • Swap Chains 
    • Full-Screen Surfaces 
  • Shaders and Pipelines 
    • Overview of GLSL 
    • Overview of SPIR-V 
    • Pipelines 
    • Resource Access in Shaders 
  • Graphics Pipeline 
    • The Logical Graphics Pipeline 
    • Renderpasses 
    • The Framebuffer 
  • Drawing 
    • Vertex Data 
    • Indexed Draws 
    • Instancing 
    • Indirect Draws 
  • Geometry Processing 
    • Tessellation 
    • Geometry Shades 
    • Programmable Point Size 
    • Line Width and Rasterization 
    • User Clipping and Culling 
    • The Viewport Transformation 
  • Fragment Processing 
    • Scissor Testing 
    • Depth and Stencil Operations 
    • Multisample Rendering 
    • Logic Operations 
    • Color Blending 
  • Synchronization 
    • Fences 
    • Events 
    • Semaphores 
  • Getting Data Back 
    • Queries 
    • Reading Data with the Host 
  • Multipass Rendering 
    • Input Attachments 
    • Attachment Contents 


  • Programming in C++ and Introduction to OpenGL or equivalent experience. 


24 hours | 4 Days or 8 Nights

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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