Course Description

Short Course | 30 hours | 3.0 CEUs | $3,825

This course will teach SysML in language order (blocks first) within a 5-day lecture and includes a hands-on practical exercise after each module, followed by a 2-day MBSE Lab. The course will go deeper into the SysML language and does not include the MagicGrid framework. This course is intended for students with strong systems engineering background and an established systems engineering process.

Course Outline

  • Module 01: Course Introduction
  • Module 02: Introduction to SysML
  • Module 03: Block Definition Diagram (Part 1)
  • Module 04: Packages and Model Structure
  • Module 05: Block Definition Diagram (Part 2)
  • Module 06: Internal Block Diagrams
  • Module 07: Activity Diagrams (Part 1)
  • Module 08: Activity Diagrams (Part 2)
  • Module 09: Sequence Diagrams
  • Module 10: State Machine Diagrams
  • Module 11: Requirements Diagrams
  • Module 12: Use Case Diagrams
  • Module 13: Constraints and Parametric Diagrams
  • Module 14: Cross Cutting Relationships and Model Analysis
  • MBSE Workshop Module 01: Model Lifecycle Management
  • MBSE Workshop Module 02: Developing the Concept Model
  • MBSE Workshop Module 03: Developing the Logical Model
  • MBSE Workshop Module 04: Developing the Physical Model
  • MBSE Workshop Module 05: Wrap-up

Additional Information

  • It is highly recommended that students use two monitors for class sessions.
  • Recordings are not permitted by our Certifying body for these courses, so class will not be recorded.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


30 Hours | 5 Days or 10 Nights

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