Course Description

Short Course | 18 hours | 1.8 CEUs | $2,295

In this course, students learn to deploy cryptographic tools to secure their applications and services. Students will create secure communications in public channels using public-key cryptography. They will also explore methods of authenticating messages to ensure that they haven’t been tampered with in transit. And lastly, they will learn how to use digital signatures and zero-knowledge proofs to let others verify the messages sent through your services.

Course Outline

  • Cryptographic Protocols
  • Understanding Cryptography
  • Understanding Cryptoanalysis
  • Classical Cryptography
  • Password Best Practices
  • Obfuscating Data
  • Cryptographic Math and Frequency Analysis
  • Steam Ciphers and Block Ciphers
  • Use Steam Ciphers
  • Use Block Ciphers
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Using Cryptography with Images
  • Image Cryptography
  • Images and Cryptography Libraries
  • Stenography
  • Message Integrity
  • Message Authentication Code
  • Setting up a Secure Channel
  • Cryptographic Applications and PKI
  • The Public-Key Transformation
  • The El-Gamal Cryptosystem
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn best practices for using cryptography
  • Learn how to implement proven cryptographic tools, using easy-to-understand examples 
  • Understand which cryptographic tools to use depending on the problem
  • Understand the pros and cons of various authentication methods
  • Ensure that your applications and systems are using up-to-date cryptography
  • Implementing digital signatures and zero-knowledge proofs


Cryptography Fundamentals (PSE100) or equivalent experience.


18 Hours | 3 Days or 6 nights

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Cryptography Implementation
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