Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of cyber-security control technologies. The course starts with a discussion of security policies and perimeter security fundamentals and then moves to a discussion on how to design network borders for maximum security and how to monitor them for unauthorized activity. Then after an introduction to firewalls, packet filtering, and access lists, the course discusses how to set up routers, special-purpose firewalls, and general-purpose hosts with security in mind. Much of the class centers on security-conscious design, both for green field projects and existing networks that need expansion or improvement. 

Course Outline

  • Part One: Perimeter Fundamentals
    • Perimeter Security Fundamentals
    • Packet Filtering
    • Stateful Firewalls
    • Proxy Firewalls
    • Security Policy
  • Part Two: Extending the Perimeter
    • The Role of a Router
    • Network Intrusion Detection
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • Host Hardening
    • Host Defense Components
  • Part Three: Perimeter Design
    • Design Fundamentals
    • Separating Resources
    • Software Architecture
    • VPN Integration
    • Tuning the Design for Performance
    • Sample Designs
  • Part Four: Perimeter Assessment
    • Maintaining a Security Perimeter
    • Network Log Analysis
    • Troubleshooting Defense Components
    • Assessment Techniques
    • Design Under Fire
    • Importance of Defense in Depth


SEC100 Information Security Essentials or equivalent experience


12 Hours | 2 Days or 4 Nights


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Security Architecture and Design
M, W
5:30PM to 8:30PM
Oct 05, 2020 to Oct 14, 2020
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