Course Description

In this course students learn to use Management Studio and build basic and advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to retrieve and update data in a database. Topics include how to use Management Studio, retrieving data from one or more tables, Joins, Subqueries, Insert, Update and Delete, Data Types, and SQL Server Functions.  SQL DDL commands for creating databases, tables, indexes and views are also covered. Special emphasis is given to Functions, Joins, and Subqueries. Management Studio and its capabilities and tools are also explored. 

Course Outline

  • SQL Server Introduction
    • Terminology
    • What is SQL Server
  • How to use the Management Studio
  • SQL Basics, retrieving data from one table
    • Basic SELECT Statements
    • SELECT list
    • FROM clause
    • WHERE clause
    • ORDER BY clause
  • Summary  Queries
    • GROUP BY and HAVING clause
  • Joins, retrieving data from two or more tables
  • Subqueries
  • Manipulating Data
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
  • SQL Data Types
  • Functions
  • DDL Commands
    • Creating Tables
      • Constraints
      • Indexes
    • Creating Views

Additional Information

This 3-day/ 6-night hands-on course is delivered using SQL Server 2012.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


18 Hours | 3 Days or 6 Nights


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